Raw vs JPEG

  1. Generally, a RAW file will be between two and six times larger than a JPEG file. RAW files are bigger because they contain a much greater amount of image data. A JPEG image is essentially all that data compressed down into a smaller file size that’s easier to share
  2. Raw is the bigger file
  3. if you change between the two it wil effect your quality
  4. i would shoot raw simply because i would want the image to stand out and catch peoples attention .

Meticulous photography

I choose this image simply because she had all of the colors together and made the picture look really good . The colors made the image pop out more and thats what caught my eye .

100 most influential images of all time

This image was taking by Kevin Carter . This image shows very lil but some people will understand the feeling of it .

This image was taken by Stanley Forman . The name of this art is called ” Fire escape collapse 1975 .

This is a very famous image that was taken by Neil Leifer . This image was taken in 1965 and has been very famous ever since .

This image was taken by John Dominis in 1968 . The name of this famous image is ” Black Power Salute ” .